Thursday, May 15, 2008

Failure by Random Numbers

Failure by random numbers can occur whenever the random processes that determine failure aren't significantly influenced by the player's choices, giving players little or no meaningful control over the outcome of their actions. For the most part, games should be designed such that players may improve their chances of success according to the choices they make in the game, giving them meaningful control over their future.


Robin Russell said...

There are times when harnessing "fairlure by random numbers" is critical to a game's success. Certainly it holds a certain fascination. Witness the continued commercial success of almost completely random games such as Candyland.

Why is the random component so important in these games? A high Randomness quotient allows vastly different experience levels (ie. a parent and children) to play on an essentially equal level - at least when it comes to probable success.

Games like Candyland may not hold a hardcore gamer's attention. But they do allow for alomst infinite replayability for a target audience.

Anonymous said...

Well, I like your random development thoughts here on this blog. :)