A History of the Amiga

A History of the Amiga, from Ars Technica:

Part 1: Genesis
Part 2: The birth of Amiga
Part 3: The first prototype
Part 4: Enter Commodore
Part 5: Postlaunch blues
Part 6: Stopping the bleeding
Part 7: Game on!


Unknown said…
Really glad you highlight the Amiga.

Excellent machine.

I still use it as my main workhorse, in 2015, for wrting, emailing, developing, presenting, etc. as a university professor. Protext is still the best word processor ever.

What's that got to do with games? Well, the Amiga engendered an ethos of careful, good, efficient design that was goverened by what the user (player) wanted and needed. Amiga designers and develooers thought well, widely, deeply, holistically. And this spilled over into most game design.

See me discussion of the Amiga on "http://kgsvr.net/andrew/amiga/".


4 August 2015

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